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This 8-week program is based on a series of core principles that, if followed, are guaranteed to add more joy to your life, more understanding about your life, and more appreciation for your life. Each session is designed to build on the ones before it, and each principle is highlighted by a strategic exercise that you are asked to do at home. This is transformative work that involves knowledge PLUS action! We hope you enjoy it.

Some positive feedback from previous students:

“"I know how having a positive perspective can make your life more fulfilling and happy but it can feel like an uphill battle when negative emotions and bad habits get in the way. I found myself believing in a philosophy that I wasn't living. Happyness Unlimited taught me numerous tools and steps I could use to break my negative cycle and move towards what I really want my life to look like and feel like. I'm no longer at the mercy of old patterns. I now truly appreciate my life and can shift much more easily into positive change when dealing with challenges. I highly recommend Happyness Unlimited to anyone who wants to be more inline with their life's purpose and to affect positive change from the inside out!"”

Amy M.

“"This course was absolutely phenomenal. At first I was skeptical. There are so many "5 easy step" lists and condescending hashtags that try to drop off peace and happiness in your inbox. This program is different. The ideas and techniques that Dr. Guenette reveal to you seem so simple, and yet they answer questions that you hardly knew were bothering you. Throughout the course I felt propelled to tackle changes that previously had made me anxious, allowed me to trust my emotions and body, and feel kinder towards the world. This course is an amazing opportunity for people looking for tangible, human guidance toward a happier life." ”

Mary C.

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Welcome to Happyness Unlimited! $49.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $49.00 USD